How to Fix Login Redirect and Refresh Issue in WordPress

Are you or your users redirected to the login screen after login? In some cases, users experience a WordPress login redirect loop that prevents them from accessing the admin panel. As a result, no one can create content or manage a website.

In today’s tutorial, Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List  I’m going to go over a few things you can check to fix the login and refresh redirect issue in WordPress. Because there are so many things that can cause this problem, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what your specific problem is. Let me help you with some troubleshooting.

Clear Browser Data

Sometimes browsers are at fault by saving too much outdated or corrupted data. In fact, clearing the browser cache solves many problems online when it comes to encountering a website problem.

Start by clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies. Restart the program and try connecting to your website again.

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This will remove any erroneous or outdated data that your computer tries to load when visiting the site. Essentially, it tells your browser to download the information again. This is perhaps the easiest place to start, and it only takes a minute or two.

Disable Your Plugins

In some cases, installed plugins have been known to corrupt a website. This is often due to outdated or poor developer programming. This is also one of the reasons why I suggest only using regularly maintained plugins.

An older plugin may have issues when it comes to new updates in WordPress.

To deactivate your plugins, you will need to navigate to the root folder of your website. You can do this easily using FTP software like FileZilla. However, I will use cPanel’s file manager to save time. From the root directory of your site, navigate to the “wp-content” folder. You can do this in the file manager by double clicking on it. If you are able to connect to your site after renaming the plugins folder, you will have to troubleshoot the plugins even more. The best way to find the problematic plugin is to create a new “plugins” folder in your host’s directory and add the plugins one at a time while testing between each.

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