How to Fix the “The Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs” Red Screen in WordPress

There are some things you really do n’t want to see when you visit your website. At the very top of this list is an internet security alert red screen warning courtesy of the Google Chrome browser. “The site ahead contains harmful programs” is not a welcome introduction to your website.

All of these mean different things, Russia B2B List and some are more serious than others. But obviously, you don’t want a warning message inserted between you and your visitors.

In this tutorial, I will walk through a few ways to fix and prevent the Google Chrome red screen warning “The site ahead contains harmful programs” or “The site ahead contains malware”.

Why Does this Screen Appear?

Warning screens are displayed by the Chrome browser when Google has crawled the site and found something in the content that it considers unsafe. The things that trigger Google Chrome warnings for a WordPress site vary, but can include:

Even spam in your comments can link to dubious sources and result in a warning. Luckily, protecting your WordPress comments section from spam is easy. You will need to do some troubleshooting to find out why your site was tagged with a warning screen.

Verifying your Site in Google Search Console

The first thing to do is check with Google to see why there is a problem. To do this, click on the “Security issues” link in Google Search Console. The new Google Search Console breaks down what issues your site has and why it’s being reported. This often appears as a red warning on your site in the console system.

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From there, you can click on the “Details” link. Google will then provide you with a brief description of the error. For example, Google will tell you where the malware is as detected on your site, including subfolders in your directory. Once you’ve cleaned the files and fixed the issue, you can submit it for review in Search Console. The validation process can take a few days. And if Google doesn’t find a problem, your site is restored and the “Site contains harmful programs” error is removed.

Removing malicious content from specific locations provided by Google is a good start, but this report may not include everything. You will need to perform a deep scan and remove any malicious code or software wherever it hides.

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