How to Fix Yoast SEO Sitemap 404 Error in WordPress

Are you trying to resolve Yoast SEO Sitemap 404 error in WordPress? Yoast SEO is the best and most popular SEO plugin with over 1 million downloads. It can dramatically improve your website’s SEO, which is why I highly recommend installing and setting it up.

One of the first things Yoast SEO will do is try to create a sitemap for your website. Unfortunately, certain things can interfere with this and cause a 404 error page to appear. This is quite annoying for beginners using the plugin for the first time, India B2B List but it can be easily fixed.

A sitemap is a list of website pages on a specific domain. The goal is to help search engines find all the content on your website that you want them to find. Thus, it only includes pages for which indexing is enabled.

Although search engines can find your content without a sitemap, it is ineffective. Sitemaps use XML forms which give them higher priority. As a result, your pages will rank faster with a sitemap than without.

It also ensures that search engines don’t miss any pages. For example, you published two new articles on the same day. It is possible that one of them ranks at different times. Instead, you can directly upload your sitemap to Google, or other search engines, to speed up the process. As such, this is one of the best SEO practices your website can implement.

Disable and Remove Plugins in WordPress

So what exactly causes the 404 error in Yoast SEO? One of the most common reasons this error occurs is if you have another plugin that creates a sitemap. They will eventually interfere with each other and usually create a 404 error. If that’s the problem, you just need to get rid of the other plugin.

The other big culprit is your theme. The way each theme is coded can be drastically different, and sometimes they are a bit too different for some plugins to work. This is much more common in older themes and is the easiest solution for switching to a different theme.

I will go over both of these solutions below in more detail.

How to Fix Yoast SEO Sitemap 404 Error in WordPress

Since you encountered this issue, the plugin should already be installed and activated. The first thing I’m going to show you is how to disable and remove a plugin. You should remove all other plugins that create a sitemap. This will interfere with Yoast SEO.

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If that wasn’t the problem, then your theme is to blame. There are three things you can do. The first is to edit your .htaccess file, which the plugin simplifies. The second is to modify your theme’s base code, which I only recommend if you’re experienced. The last and probably the easiest method is to change the theme.

This should be a very standard process for most WordPress developers. Whether there is an error or not, you should always deactivate and remove plugins that you are not using. It’s a waste of server space and can cause headaches later.

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