How to Get Comments on Your WordPress Posts

So you published great articles on your WordPress website, but the engagement was limited. You would like comments but often readers don’t want to leave them because they are too public. In this article, Tunisia WhatsApp Number List I’ll show you exactly how to get feedback from your readers on WordPress posts.

User engagement is of utmost importance in your articles. You write them for a reason and you want the reader to engage and be part of the content. Post comments also show other readers that your content is reviewed, relevant, and others are interested enough to interact with it. Last but not least, comments provide you with valuable information that you can use to edit and correct the content of the article as needed.

Different Types of WordPress Posts

Although it can be difficult to get real feedback, there are several ways to get feedback and engagement.

Publishing your post on all your social media channels, implementing a rating system on your website, and adding Facebook social sharing buttons to your post are all great examples of ways to gather feedback on your WordPress post.

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That said, let’s look at a click-based setup using a WordPress comments plugin that you can install and use to collect feedback on your posts.

How to Install Helpful Comments Plugin

Before you can start receiving comments in WordPress, you must first install and activate the plugin. From your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins page of the WordPress admin dashboard.

Simply use the available search box and search for the plugin by its name. When you see it appear, install it and activate it directly from there. The Helpful feedback plugin comes with a pretty comprehensive set of general settings.

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