How to Include Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

Two-factor authentication in WordPress is becoming increasingly popular as website owners look for more ways to secure their sites from unwanted infiltration. There are several very good ways to implement WordPress 2FA.

Today I’m going to show Georgia WhatsApp NumberFrance WhatsApp Number you how to do it using a fluid plugin.

There are several other great ways to secure your website, but 2-factor authentication for WordPress is definitely the one that’s gaining momentum. It seems like every site should have this set up at some point, so let’s see how you can easily implement it on your website.

What Is Two-factor Authentication?

 It works with smartphones and a user must verify at least one trusted phone number to register for 2FA.

Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows 10 all have apps that support 2FA. This means that it allows the phone itself to act as a physical device to satisfy the authentication part. It works by asking users to enter a six-digit number.

Configure Two-factor Authentication in WordPress

2FAS Light – Google Authenticator is a slick, simple to use and easy to configure plugin that lets you add WordPress two-factor authentication to your site. It works by requiring users to use the Google Authenticator mobile app to confirm their identity.

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It is actually a free 2FA for WordPress and also works with other mobile apps that generate tokens including Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Free OTP, 2STP, OTP Auth. All in all, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better two-factor solution for WordPress that’s as powerful as this and also free.


Another great thing about this plugin is that you won’t need to register or create third-party accounts. The only thing we need to do is install, activate and configure the plugin to use it. From there, you are good to go.

The 2FAS Light plugin does not communicate with any external site. All data necessary for the proper functioning of the plugin is stored in the WordPress database.

As stated above, the 2FAS Light plugin is free for all WordPress users. As soon as you activate and configure the plugin, you immediately protect your site against:

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