How to Insert Post and Page Widgets into WordPress Content

Do you love adding new widgets to your website, but hate how limited your placement options are? Widgets are a great way to add extra content and functionality to your sidebars and footers. Unfortunately, you are limited to where your theme allows widgets to be placed. This means that you cannot normally insert post and page widgets.

Of course, depending on the nature of the widget, it may not belong directly to the post or page. For example, Turkey B2B List imagine a search bar placed on a page. It doesn’t make much sense to see a search bar in the middle of the page when most websites have them in a sidebar.

Today I am going to show you how to insert widgets into your posts and pages using the amr any widget plugin shortcode.

Why add a WordPress widget to a post or page?

Widgets are awesome, and many plugins add custom widgets that let you do things you normally can’t. Most of these additional features can only be placed on a sidebar or footer. This is because themes will only allow you to place widgets in specific areas.

In some cases, a widget might be best placed within the content of a page or post, while in other cases, it’s best left in the sidebar or footer.

For example, the calendar widget is very popular and looks great in a sidebar, but what about making it your own post? Calendars are a great way to see upcoming events and content releases.

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When they’re in the sidebar, it can be quite difficult to read because they’re so small. Many plugins offer widgets that can perform unique functionality. You might want to create a post or page around the plugin widget. Let’s take a look at the plugin we’ll be using today and see everything it has to offer.

How to Insert Post and Page Widgets into WordPress Content

AMR Shortcode Any Widget lets you easily insert a widget, multiple widgets, or an entire widget area (sidebar) into any page you want using a shortcode. This plugin is really easy to understand.

It takes a widget and turns it into a shortcode. Shortcodes will work no matter where they are, unlike widgets. The process is extremely quick and will only take a few minutes at most.

The plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg block editor, as you simply add a shortcode block before adding the shortcode to the page.

Overall, this plugin makes it very easy to add post and page widgets in any WordPress content. Let’s set it up and make it work together.

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