How to install WordPress on your local environment (XAMPP / MAMP)

locale , also known as Localhost , Saint Lucia B2B List is essentially an offline web server that you run from your own computer. Since it uses files stored on your hard drive, websites and all other scripts and software will run much faster than if they were online. This makes it easy to develop websites or software locally and is an essential part of any web developer’s toolkit.

In this article, we will look at available software that allows us to easily create our own localhost web server. And how would a newbie go about installing WordPress on it? Every WordPress website requires certain software to function properly. These are usually Apache , PHP and MySQL . Installing this software manually can be a difficult task. Especially if you’ve never installed server software before, it can also be quite daunting.


This is where useful tools like XAMPP and MAMP come in. They will take care of installing all the necessary software that will get you up and running in moments. Let’s take a quick look at the available software and the differences between them.

  • XAMPP vs MAMP: the gloves are off
  • How to Fix Port 80 Problems
  • Start your local environment
  • WordPress Download
  • Create a database with phpMyAdmin
  • Install WordPress on your local environment
  • Complete setup
  • Xampp Vs Mamp: the Gloves Are Off

    Let’s start with our first MAMP option, which was originally a MAC-only environment, but now also offers a Windows option. It comes in two variants, a free version and a pro version .

    The free version of MAMP is all you will need. It includes all the software needed to locally host your own database-based websites. While the pro version is generally suitable for advanced users looking for additional features such as multiple PHP versions, virtual servers and dynamic DNS, features that we don’t need for the purposes of this article.

    XAMPP, on the other hand, comes in one version and it’s free. The actual differences between XAMPP and the free version of MAMP are indeed very minimal. Each providing all the software (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, etc.) you need to properly install WordPress locally.


    Saint Lucia B2B Contact ListThey also both provide a simple interface that allows you to manage various aspects of running a web server on your computer. In general, the XAMPP and MAMP options provide a one-time setup and exit installation process . My personal preference is XAMPP, but my work colleagues use MAMP. The choice is rather negligible if we only use it for WordPress installations.

    How to Fix Port 80 Problems

    So you have made your choice between XAMPP or MAMP and successfully installed the software provided by your chosen locale. When opening any of the software applications, certain communication ports on your computer will be accessible to create a usable web server.

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