How to Lazy Offscreen Images in WordPress by Lazy Loading Images

Do you know how to lazy offscreen images in WordPress by Lazy Loading Images to improve page speed? Learn how to lazy load images and videos in WordPress to speed up your website. PageSpeed ​​has become an important element for user experience as well as search engine ranking . Therefore, every blogger and webmaster wants a fast loading website. Of course, Belize B2B List you also want maximum page speed for your WordPress site.

What is lazy loading? And how does it work ?

If you’ve never encountered this before, let me tell you “what is lazy loading?” 

Lazy Loading means loading the specific resource (in this case: images, videos, etc.) when the user scrolls to that particular resource. In some cases, lazy loaded (deferred) resources load at a specified time or by clicking a button. [1]

In conclusion, if you have enabled lazy loading for images in WordPress, the web browser will only download an image when the user scrolls to that image or at a certain time or by clicking a button (as you have defined).

Why should you implement lazy loading in WordPress – the benefits .

As I mentioned above, the idea is to improve the page speed and load the webpage faster.

Let’s see how lazy loading helps improve page speed.

Images and videos have become an integral part of today’s web content. The biggest demerit they bring is the increase in web page payload.

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Lazy-loading images and videos are one of those solutions that reduce the initial payload and load time without affecting the text content.

When lazy loading is implemented for images and videos, the HTML, CSS, JS and other resources of a webpage will be downloaded first time by web browsers. After that, the images will be downloaded at the specified location or time.

Therefore, lazy-loading pre-optimized images and videos help reduce initial payload and load time to improve page speed.

And a fast-loading website means better user experience and more love from search engines because Google has already started considering PageSpeed ​​as one of the ranking factors.

Defer Offscreen Images in WordPress by Lazy Loading

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights may display the Defer Offscreen Images warning for your WordPress site. The warning text says, Consider lazy loading off-screen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to reduce interaction time.

To correct this warning, Google recommends using IntersectionObserver to more efficiently implement lazy-loading off-screen images. [2]

The problem here is if you’re neither a coding ninja nor able to hire a programmer to create a custom solution using IntersectionObserver to lazy load images into WordPress to defer off-screen images.

Then you end up with an easy and popular solution, i.e. using a reliable plugin to defer off-screen images in WordPress by lazy loading them. We will lazy load images to lag off-screen images in WordPress.

There are several plugins in the WordPress repository for Lazy Load Images in WordPress. Here I list the plugins that I found to be distinct based on their functionality and usability.

If you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin, you can refer to this guide How to Install WordPress Plugins Easily.

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