How to Locate and Fix a Backdoor on a Hacked WordPress Website

Are you recovering from a cyberattack? Most hackers will leave a backdoor on your website. A backdoor is a way for the hacker Mongolia B2B List to get back inside your website. They are difficult to locate as they can be left almost anywhere. The backdoor will consist of a few lines of code that the hacker can use to get inside your website.

Every website is different and so are the hackers who leave them. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one place a hacker will leave a backdoor. It is therefore very difficult to find one, especially when you do not know what you are looking for. Today I’m going to show you where backdoors are usually stored and what to look for.

Will There Always Be a Back Door

It’s always easy to imagine the worst, but not every hacker will leave a backdoor. Just because hackers are skilled enough to break in doesn’t mean they know how to get out of a backdoor. That said, it’s still a likely possibility and every web developer should check one out after an attack. There are also different types of backdoors.

The most well-known backdoor is to leave code that can create new administrator accounts. Administrator accounts have complete freedom on a website and are very powerful. It is very dangerous in the hands of hackers. The lesser known are the remote controlled backdoors. A hacker will leave lines of code that will allow him to directly execute the PHP code he creates. Both are quite serious and can be avoided by checking your website.

How to Locate and Fix a Backdoor on a Hacked WordPress Website

Today I’m going to show you where backdoors are usually stored and what to look for. Keep in mind this is where they are usually stored. It is always possible that a backdoor exists elsewhere. You will need access to your website’s cPanel, which is provided to you when you create an account with your web host. The first step is to find your website and the next is to remove the backdoor if you find one.

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Websites are complex and are made up of many different files that work together. Since you will be crawling the backend of your website, you should take the time to create a backup. It is possible that you made a mistake and deleted or deleted the wrong file. The backup will allow you to correct all errors. Just make sure to update the save if you find a backdoor so it’s not in your save. Here are the most likely places where a backdoor will be located.

Themes are present on every WordPress website, making them very easy targets for experienced hackers to leave a backdoor on. The misleading part is that hackers won’t target your active theme. Web developers typically go into their theme files to edit code and add new features and design choices. Instead, hackers will choose to leave a backdoor on your inactive themes. If your website gets hacked, you need to delete your inactive themes. You can of course reinstall them at any time if you need to.

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