How To Make Health Insurance Campaigns More Profitable

Fixed block with the phone number in the mobile version: it is very important to display the phone number in the mobile version of the website, so that the visitor has easy access to the click-to-call link. After fixing this blockage, the conversion rate increased by 20%. Leads to call conversion as you might notice, we used a simple lead form at the bottom of our landing page. Leads to call conversion at first, we dealt with these leads with our own call center (our own free service broker). Our broker asked if the person is willing to get information about health insurance plans and if so, we transferred

Them to the advertiser. But with the  Cameroon WhatsApp Number List increased volume, it would take longer for the call center to call all the prospects. So we used to do the service that automatically called the lead within 5 minutes after the lead was left. With the help of this service, we have increased our profits by 12% , thanks to lower costs and a higher conversion rate from a potential call to a qualified call. Google ads we ran three campaigns: call-only search, search campaign, and gdn campaign. 1. Call ads only google call-only ads call-only ads performed well in terms of qualified call cost, but we weren’t happy with the volume of clicks/calls we got.

Always Check Your Search Phrases

In this campaign. The Cameroon WhatsApp Number List average cpc was $4.4 for us, with a 19% conversion rate from clicks to qualified calls. 2. Look for ads look for advertisements we ran traditional search ads on our landing page. Most of our leads and calls come from this campaign. The average cpc was $2, with an average ctr of 1.85%3. Gdn announcements pay per call ads on the google display network the average cpc for gdn ads was $0.25. We had a lot of clicks and fake clicks from bots, that’s why the call conversion rate was very low. Additionally, custom intent audiences and retargeting campaigns have not been approved by.

Report and Add Negative Keywords You Should

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

Google as they have been defined as a medical campaign. So we launched a keyword-only targetingCameroon WhatsApp Number List  campaign. Here are some tips for you when working with google ads:check google call tracking performance. In our case, it didn’t work well, so we used 3d call trackinguse click fraud protection. You will save a lot of money because this service will eliminate all bot clicks. Google prioritizes ads that lead to a website over call-only ads. This is why you need to run traditional search ads on the landing page to increase your volumes.

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