How to Manage Comment Notification Emails in WordPress

Comment notification emails can play an important role in retaining visitors. Managing the comment notification email in WordPress helps improve the impression visitors have of your site.

Although the system has a basic ability to govern comments, it does not support a lot of features that visitors like. It just doesn’t have the best functionality when it comes to the comments section. Luckily, you have access to several plugins to enhance the functionality.

In this tutorial, Zambia B2B List I will show you how to manage these email notifications for comments in WordPress. Depending on the plugins you chose to install, there’s actually quite a bit to do.

Most of the options I will list below require certain plugins to be installed. These provide enhanced capabilities to the site, and I urge you to learn how to install plugins if you don’t already know. Don’t worry, it’s very easy.

Use WordPress for Comment Notifications

WordPress already has several functions when it comes to the comments section. While not perfect, it does provide some control to help fine-tune the system to suit your needs.

In chat settings, you can change how notifications and comments are handled. Things like approval, moderation, subscription only, comment blacklists and more can be changed quite easily. You also have control over avatars and use Gravatar to display commentator images.

Let’s take a look at the “Email me anytime” option. These two control when you receive a message regarding the comments section. By default, WordPress will have both options enabled. This means that you will receive an email when someone posts a comment or if a comment is held for moderation.

Subscribe to Reloaded Comments

The Comment Approved plugin is a small tool that sends a notification to the commenter when their post is approved. It comes with the ability to customize the approval message so you can add your own flare.

When someone leaves a comment, a new option will be available next to the submit button. It will allow visitors to choose whether they receive a notification or not. By default, this option is unchecked. However, you can configure it to be checked automatically in the plugin settings.

Zambia Business Email List

Although WordPress has a decent method of sending messages, not all systems are compatible with PHP messaging. Most of the times, messages from this email method get caught in spam filters along with several other issues.

The best way to avoid such situations is to use an SMTP server to send WordPress messages and notifications.

Perhaps one of the best tools to use for this is the WP Mail SMTP plugin. With this tool, you can use your own web-hosted email account or set it up through services like Gmail.

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