How to manage a Git repository

Git is a huge open source network with a ton of stuff to learn. If you’re new to Git and aren’t sure where to start, Germany WhatsApp Number List check out the steps below on how to manage a Git repository.

There are several aspects to managing a Git repository. Creating a project, adding files, committing changes, and uploading them to the remote repository on GitHub are all things you need to know to be able to manage your Git repository.

Create and manage a Git repository

The first thing to do is to generate an SSH key. GitHub has very detailed instructions on how to do this for MAC OS, Windows, and Linux systems. You must have at least one SSH public key to push your git repository to GitHub

Once you have generated the SSH key, you need to add it through the GitHub interface.

Click on the Settings page of your account, then on the SSH and GPG keys section. On this page, click on the “New SSH key” button.

Top 20 Git Commands and Examples

There are hundreds of Git commands available for one reason or another. However, in this article, you will find the 20 most used Git commands, along with a brief description and usage example for each.

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If you want to view all the other example Git commands, you can see them all by clicking here.Understanding how to use Git commands is important if you’re going to use Git a lot. Hopefully some of these more popular Git commands are easy to use and understand.

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