How to Manage User Roles in Elementor

You can manage Elementor user roles in the plugin just like you would manage user roles in WordPress. The Roles Manager Belarus WhatsApp Number List allows you to manage and limit what your users can edit with Elementor. Let’s take a look at user roles in WordPress and Elementor. With the above information in mind, let’s talk about how the “Role Manager” feature in Elementor works a little differently than the User Role feature for WordPress. In fact, the user roles you assign in WordPress for individuals will apply and carry over even when you use the Elementor page builder to design your website.

What are WordPress User Roles?

Even though Elementor offers its own user role configuration, it is still based on the default user roles that WordPress has integrated. User roles in WordPress are basically certain types of “roles” that you can assign to people who have access to your website.

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You can assign a different user role to everyone who has access to it. These roles allow you to control each user’s information and editing power. For example, you might want someone to have edit capability, while another person might want to have read-only access. Either way, these powers can be assigned using the default roles provided by WordPress.

User roles in Elementor, and WordPress in general, help protect your website when used correctly.

Accident prevention

For example, when working with strangers or allowing guest posts on your website. See, you can add a user role for someone to allow them to guest post, edit, add images, and format, but not allow them to post. This would be an author user role.

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