How to migrate from GoDaddy to WordPress

GoDaddy has a good website builder, but it’s limited compared to the power of WordPress. Due to the nature of WordPress, it is much more flexible and easier to customize than many other platforms. This is one of the reasons many people switch from GoDaddy to WordPress.

So what if you’ve started a site on GoDaddy but want the power of the number one content management system on the internet?

In this tutorial, Croatia WhatsApp Number I will show you how to switch from GoDaddy to WordPress without losing your data. Keep in mind that this is often a long process.

This tutorial is for moving websites created with GoDaddy’s Website Builder app. If you want to move a WordPress site stored at GoDaddy, you will need to transfer your WordPress content from one site to another.

Switching from GoDaddy to WordPress

The first thing you will need is a WordPress hosting provider. You can install WordPress on virtually any web server on the internet. However, some systems like ours make the process much easier.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the WordPress “Import” function when transferring data from Website Builder. This is partly why it will take a bit of time to move your site.

Backup Your Website

Before making major changes to your website, create a backup. This is to protect you from data loss if something goes wrong. Although the chances are slim, prevention is better than cure.

The last thing you want is to lose part of your website to a transfer issue somewhere. A backup will help you recover quickly from such issues.

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Many people trust FTP apps like FileZilla to create backups. However, you can also use the free tool HTTrack which downloads entire sites to your computer system.

I would suggest using FileZilla. It’s a bit more work to connect to your website remotely, but it gives you a lot more functionality. On the one hand, you can easily upload your site to the server if there is a problem with the transfer.

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