How to Optimize Images in WordPress

A complete guide to optimizing images in WordPress and optimizing images for the web. In this article, I will discuss WordPress plugins, image editing tools, graphics apps, image file formats for image optimization, and why image optimization in WordPress is important.

Eye-catching images are the first interaction of your website content with the reader. Without a doubt, images are good for initial user engagement . Sometimes even the pictures can arouse the user’s curiosity to read the whole article. Using high quality images comes at a price as it increases the size of the web page. Thus, Guatemala B2B List it slows down web pages which frustrates the reader. As a result, the reader has moved away from your site.

Formats de fichiers image (JPEG vs PNG vs Gif vs SVG)

Since, one might wonder which image file format (file extension) is good for the web. Or what is the best image file format for image optimization in WordPress. In addition, your image editing software can save images in many file formats. All of this has left you with questions like:

which one to choose for your site? and
which file format is suitable for which use ?

As image formats are different due to their character sets/parameters and intentional usage. So you should select a file format based on the image content and other requirements.

Before we dive into comparing image file formats, let’s understand what makes these file formats different.

Optimizing images before uploading to WordPress

Typically images from modern cameras and even mobiles are very large pixel width and height (7162×4780, 7360×4912, 3600×2400 etc.) and very large in size (sometimes 10-30MB) which is neither necessary nor good to use on the web. You need to resize these large images to make them usable. You can use basic built-in image editing tools on Windows and Mac.

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 The image you want to use has a small focus object and the focus object is surrounded by an unwanted background. In this case, you need to crop the image and keep the object in focus while cutting out the extra background. This will make your image and focus object more presentable and definitely reduce the size of the image.

Compressing an image means reducing information in the image that the human eye cannot notice. JPEG allows you to save the image with a wider compression range. However, other formats such as PNG and GIF are considered for minimum size images.

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