How to Prevent Users from Sharing WordPress Passwords

Have you ever had the problem of your WordPress users sharing passwords with others? It’s not just a security issue, but if your website is a la carte, they do it for free. However, Paraguay WhatsApp Number List it can be difficult to prevent WordPress user password sharing.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to alleviate this.

In this article, I will show you an easy way to mitigate WordPress users sharing passwords on a WordPress website.

How does password sharing hurt?

By default, a WordPress user can log into a user account from multiple locations at the same time. The problem is that it can really compromise the security of a multi-author WordPress website.

Going further, if you run a WordPress membership website, this issue can, and will ultimately hurt your profit margin. So you really want to do everything possible to tighten the security of your WordPress installation.

Think about it, if someone shares their password for a subscription they’re a part of, that means someone else is using the same credentials to log in and get those paid subscription benefits.


Aside from possible hacking, these are the two main reasons why you’ll want to do everything possible to prevent WordPress password sharing.

How does WordPress manage user sessions?

Before showing you an easy way to prevent WordPress user password sharing, let me touch a bit on how WordPress handles user sessions. These “cookies” do not contain your WordPress user password, but they do contain a special key and username as proof that you know the password well.

Here is the problem. If you accessed your site from a public location and out of habit clicked the “Remember Me” button, then anyone on that computer you used can now log into your account. WordPress user name because WordPress allows the same user to be logged in informing two different locations.

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In concept, it’s a good idea, but for security reasons, it’s troubling. It can also be very bad for your membership site business. Users can simply share their password with friends or family and use the same login credentials to access all that paid content.

So the idea is that we want to come to a place where you can prevent users from being logged into a website from two different places.

How is this most easily done? I found a plugin that prevents simultaneous user logins.

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