How to Remove Author Name in WordPress

Do you want to remove author names in WordPress? You may think this is quite difficult because WordPress doesn’t have a way to remove author names by default, but like most things in WordPress, this is accomplished using plugins.

Just keep in mind that there are pros and cons to not having an author name on posts in WordPress.

Having an author helps  show visitors that the person writing is experienced and credible. For example, is an article on computer operating systems written by anyone better than an article by Bill Gates?

Obviously, not everyone has the same experience as Bill Gates, Spain B2B List but as long as your author has the experience and is knowledgeable, it’s worth sharing his name with visitors. Today I will show you how to remove author name in WordPress using two methods.

Why Remove Author Name in WordPress?

It’s pretty easy to see the benefits of displaying WordPress author names, but there can be downsides as well. For example, an author may have a negative image associated with their work when they support or oppose a controversial topic. And it’s only gotten worse as social media bullying has unfortunately become more popular.

However, this is not only bad for the author, it can have a negative effect on your website. Unfortunately, internet users are very slow to forgive and forget, if that ever happens. As a result, it may be better for your website if you remove the author’s name.

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It’s also possible that the author has been removed from the website staff, so it would be best to remove their name from your website. A better method to avoid all of this is to remove the author’s name altogether or have only a few defined names that authors will write under.

This is very common and can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Install and activate the plugin

Today I’m going to show you how to remove author names in WordPress using three different methods. The first method is very simple and will use the Hide/Remove Metadata plugin. This plugin allows WordPress to hide the author in WordPress on any type of content.

The second method is to add a small snippet of code and then add custom CSS to the WordPress “customizer”.

The third method is much more difficult because you will have to manually remove the author using code. If you use the second method, I strongly recommend that you create a backup in case something goes wrong.

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