How to Reset Default Database Settings in WordPress

Do you need to reset your WordPress website database to its default settings? The database contains a lot of valuable information about your website and how it works. Things like your login details, posts, pages, comments, and dozens (or hundreds) of data you never see.

Of course, Christmas Island B2B List you may wonder why anyone would need to reset such an essential part of a website.

Many web developers use cloned websites to test major changes. Making changes on a clone or staging site ensures your live site doesn’t experience any downtime while you work out bugs. And once the tests are done, resetting WordPress to default is necessary in most cases.

Today I am going to show you how to reset WordPress database settings to default using Advanced WordPress Reset and WP Reset Database plugins.

Another Reliable Tool to Reset Word Press With a Plugin

Resetting a WordPress database is appropriate when you want to return to the default WordPress configuration. But if you’re trying to repair a slow database and intend to keep some content, you might consider doing a “cleanup” of the database before resetting.

And as you might have guessed, there is a plugin for that.

The Advanced Database Cleaner plugin will clean up your WordPress database, removing a lot of unnecessary data. It can delete old post and page revisions, auto drafts, trash posts, spam and trash comments, pingbacks and trackbacks.

It can also delete a lot of “orphan” data. Items that are no longer linked to your site, but remain in the database: orphaned metadata for posts, comments, users, and terms. You can view and verify specific data types before performing a cleanup.

Resetting the database should be a last resort and only when you want to start fresh. If that’s your goal, let’s proceed with the reset.

How to Reset WordPress Database to Default Settings

Database reset plugins are very easy to use and there are plenty to choose from. In this tutorial, I’ll look at two of them that will reset your database to default.

This action will reset WordPress settings, comments, posts, pages and all data to default. So, if you want to keep any of this content, create a backup before proceeding.

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First, we will reset the WordPress database to default settings using the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin. The plugin will completely reset your WordPress website database. The site will be as it was after installing WordPress for the first time.

It is perfect for test websites, but can also be used on live websites if the need arises.

 This plugin should not be used on a website whose content you want to save. This plugin will erase everything.

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