How to Save a Web Page as Pdf in Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome web browser has a ton of built-in tools. You are probably aware of some of them, but you may not be Armenia WhatsApp Number List aware of some of the others available at your fingertips. You see, not only does Chrome include the ability to install some valuable extensions and make things easier, but it also lets you do things like save a page as a PDF right inside Chrome.

Created by Adobe in the 1990s, a PDF file is a “Portable Document Format” file that is typically used to distribute read-only documents to people. This type of file differs from a Word or Pages file because other people cannot manipulate the layout of a page or change information without permission. It is therefore an ideal way to preserve the layout, information and text of a page.

How to Save a Web Page as PDF in Chrome Browser

Visit the page you want to save.

Open the Chrome menu

Click on the “Print” option.

Change print destination

Choose to save as PDF

Save web page as PDF

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The easiest way to save a web page as a PDF in Chrome is to go to print options and change how the file is saved to your computer. You can select PDF as an option and save the file.

Open the Chrome menu window

The Chrome browser will automatically initiate the backup process. You will be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save the file. Go ahead, rename the file as you wish and save it.

By default, the PDF file will have the same name as the title of the web page.

Now you can go to any webpage you want and save that webpage as PDF in Chrome browser. This makes it readily available for reading at a more convenient time.

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