How to Show Last Login Time to Users in WordPress

Do you want to show visitors the last time they logged into your WordPress site? This is an interesting statistic for them to know. You may also need to add this feature if you want to add an author activity area to your website. Adding the last login time is easy because WordPress already saves this information, visitors simply can’t see it.

You might be wondering exactly why anyone would care enough to request the ability to see their last login to your site. There are as many answers to this question as there are people. But if your visitors ask for it or expect it as a feature, Germany WhatsApp Number why not make it available to them? Today I will demonstrate how to show users last login in WordPress using two methods. First with a plugin, then by adding code to the WordPress functions.php file.

Why Show User Last Login Date in WordPress?

If your visitors asked for it, that should be reason enough to add the feature to your website. The ability to see the last login date is important in families that share a computer. Imagine siblings connecting with each other to prank each other. If one can see that the other logged in 10 minutes ago, he can probably guess that his brother didn’t do anything good in the account.

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There are other less obvious or common reasons. For example, this can be useful when logging into an account after being away for a few months or even years. Many people like to think back or reflect on what they have been doing in the past time when they see that last login date.

How to Display Users Last Login Time in WordPress Using a Plugin

For the second method, we are going to edit the WordPress functions.php file in the theme you are using. Going this route takes a bit more effort, but it has the advantage of giving you the ability to place the last login notification where you want it to appear on the site (using a shortcode).

It is also important to note that using a child theme in this regard is perhaps the best idea. This helps prevent manual code from being lost if your theme is updated.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using cPanel, which is provided by your web host. But you can also edit the functions.php file using an FTP program if you don’t have cPanel.

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