How to Stop Trackback Spam in WordPress

Want to stop trackback spam on your WordPress site? Trackbacks and pingbacks are closely related and are normally a good thing. Unfortunately, it has become more difficult for websites to generate traffic as more and more competition is created every day.

This has caused many websites to start using multiple trackbacks to try and help them gain traffic. Eventually, Sri Lanka B2B List this led to outright spamming which can be very annoying for larger websites. To combat this, many larger websites will disable all trackbacks and pingbacks on their website.

This will successfully eliminate spam, but you will also lose all benefits. Today I’m going to show how to stop trackback spam and mitigate it using plugins like Akismet.

We can’t talk about trackbacks without talking about pingbacks at the same time. In fact, you will see that disabling one also disables the other. A trackback is generated by copying the trackback URL of another website and using it as a link on its website.

The website will be notified that they are linked. A pingback occurs when a website links to another website. The linked website will receive a notification through its theme. As you can probably already imagine, a very popular website will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of trackbacks and pingbacks per day. Spamming them can significantly increase the amount and there are even dedicated bots for this. This is why almost all major websites have this feature disabled.

Why Spam Trackbacks and Ping Backs?

Of course, this begs the question, why would developers bother spamming trackbacks and pingbacks in the first place?

Trackbacks and pingbacks are a great way for a smaller or newer website to gain some traction. By mentioning and linking to very popular content, which will create trackbacks and pingbacks, the website will be able to take advantage of the popularity of these websites.

So, by using multiple trackbacks and pingbacks, you increase the chances of your website gaining popularity. This creates a mindset that spamming popular content links from a popular website will increase the popularity of the website doing it.

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As soon as something becomes extremely popular, the rest of the industry will rush to copy it or put their own spin on it.

How to Stop Trackback Spam in WordPress

There are two main ways to deal with trackback spam in WordPress and the method you choose is highly dependent on the size of your website.

If you are a larger website, the benefits of participating in trackbacks and pingbacks are quite small and might actually be more problematic than rewarding, while small to medium sized websites will still enjoy greater benefits than spam. .

In these cases you don’t need a plugin, instead you can just disable the feature completely.

Whereas for small to medium sized websites, pingbacks and trackbacks are useful growth tools to take advantage of. So, you want to choose a mitigation option like Akismet.

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