How to Stop WordPress From Auto-Formatting HTML in Posts and Pages

WordPress has the problem of always trying to auto-format HTML when you add it in the editor. There are also the issues of switching between the Chile WhatsApp Number List text editor and the visual editor.

Nothing is worse than adding HTML to a WordPress editor only to find that your code was then formatted automatically for you. There is a way to disable HTML formatting in WordPress, but you’ll need a little help from the plugin we’ll be using today.

What happens to the HTML code I add?

The main problem people have is that when they add HTML code to the WordPress text editor and then switch back to the visual editor, all the code is removed and WordPress automatically formats itself. The system technically does this to help you, because it removes code that it thinks is not correct and necessary.

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For a long time there was nothing we could do about it. However, over time, some codes have emerged that you could add that might help you. You can also do all your formatting in an external editor ahead of time, then paste that content into the WordPress text editor and publish it.

Prevent WordPress from trying to auto-format HTML

The Raw HTML plugin works very simply. Once added, you wrap any part of a post or page in the code generated by the plugin. Essentially, wrapping content in this shortcode will prevent WordPress from converting newlines to HTML paragraphs.

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