How to Style WordPress Categories

Have you finally selected which theme to use on your WordPress site? If so, then you’re far from done. Now you need to customize Cambodia WhatsApp Number the theme to create your own unique website. One of the best ways to enhance your theme is to style categories in WordPress. When you install a theme, it shows its default settings and any other website will look the same if you don’t change the theme.

WordPress accounts for over 25% of all websites and millions of websites are created every year. There aren’t as many themes as there are websites, which makes customizing a theme very important. It helps you stand out and in some cases customizing the theme will make it unrecognizable which is a good thing. Today I’m going to show you how to style categories in WordPress.

How Style Categories in WordPress Can Make Your Website Unique

When you install a theme, it is in its most basic state because the theme developers have no idea how you will use it. Every web developer is different and has their own style and themes allow you to add your unique style to them. Categories let visitors know what they will find or should expect to see. A smart web developer will use categories to their advantage. Their style will enhance your visitor’s experience.

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Whether you want to style an individual category in WordPress or each category, you need to have a clear goal. Keep in mind that there is no guide on how to style properly and what looks good. The most important thing is to listen to visitor feedback and make changes as needed, but keep in mind that you can’t please everyone.

How to Style Categories in WordPress

Today I’m going to show you how to style categories in WordPress. The process is not difficult and will not require any additional plugins. You will need to access your Panel, which is provided by your web host when you create an account. There are several ways to style categories in WordPress, but we will focus on using a single category template.

WordPress themes will be displayed based on the template hierarchy. For categories, specifically, WordPress will read the category php file. This stores the template that WordPress will use on a page with this category. So if you want to create a custom template for another category, you need to create a category-mycategory php file. This will tell WordPress to use this template when the mycategory category is used. It’s a very simple process, and I’ll walk you through it.

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