How to test a WordPress website with multiple browsers

Cross-browser testing is a crucial aspect when modifying WordPress themes and site design. A cross-browser test helps you determine if the WordPress website you have live works well on all major browsers. This test will also Cambodia WhatsApp Number List help you determine if your site works well on screens of different sizes, as well as on mobile.

In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to perform WordPress cross-browser testing. We will use a few different tools that are readily available to you and not difficult to implement.

What is the WordPress cross-browser test?

Cross-browser testing is a type of website testing that can be done to see if a website works and scales properly when viewed on different screen sizes, mobile devices, and all major browsers. Just because it works fine on the Google Chrome browser doesn’t mean it will work the same on Firefox. For this reason, cross-browser testing is performed to ensure the functionality of the website regardless of where it is viewed.

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There are actually a few different tools you can use to perform cross-browser testing on a WordPress website. Let’s take a look at a free and solid way to do this. After that, I’ll give you some resources for other cross-browser testing options that you can pay for.

How to test a website on multiple browsers

Browser Shots is a free way to test your website on multiple browsers for free. It is an open source tool that will allow you to test your website on several different browsers on different operating systems. A few quick steps and you can see if your WordPress website is working properly in many aspects.

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