How to Transition to Inside Sales?

In times of uncertainty and limitations of face-to-face meetings, it is extremely important to have well-defined strategies for the transition from the external sales model to the internal sales model.

To achieve this, it is necessary to change strategies, practices and have the right tools. In this way it is possible to adapt the work, without generating distrust in prospects and clients .

Here’s how to adapt your inside sales practices for as little impact as possible!

1. Rethink the content of approaching and driving customers

It is not difficult to understand that the contacts from an inside sale are very different from face-to-face meetings.

The first point is that it is not possible to understand what the climate is in the place, that is, to perceive the probability that the client closes the deal.

Inside sales resources are inversely proportional: as they increase reach, they greatly decrease intuitive insight.

To overcome this, it is important to adapt approach strategies, trying to shorten the sales cycle as much as possible.

In this sense, the role of the seller is basically to Canadian CEO Email List induce that client and make decisions more quickly.

Naturally, the prospect feels that at a distance he has more time to think and will be able to make purchase decisions whenever he wants, which can prolong the process in a negative way.

This change of approach can be made by creating a more dynamic contact, such as video calls, more specific offers sent by email in which we already mentioned numbers and conditions of products and services, in addition to other practices.

The ideal is to generate as much objective information as possible for each contact, imposing the need to make decisions.

2. Adapt contact practices to the distance scenario

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In moments of social distance, this transition from external sales to internal sales becomes an obligation, that is, acceptance is natural for everyone.

Therefore, potential and current clients already know that the negotiations cannot be stopped and that they must adapt to the resources that allow them to continue working, despite the fact that there are restrictions for these processes.

Outside sales start with remote contacts and evolve to face-to-face meetings, with the transition to the internal model, this second step is not done .

Therefore, it is important to know how to invest the time and efforts of sales teams. Spending the day making calls, for example, may not be the best strategy for getting sales.

When it comes to prospects, inbound strategies can be more effective and generate much more productivity, without losing formality, which makes all the difference when it comes to generating conversions.

Therefore, the most direct contacts can be for those who are already further along in the sales funnel or who are already customers. With these, active contacts with emails and calls are highly recommended.

3. Always keep negotiations focused on prospects

Periods such as those of a global pandemic generate uncertainties for clients, since investments, at that time, may be subject to external factors, generating losses.

Although it is difficult to close deals in a situation of social distance. The effort of the inside sales team must always project. Positive prospects and justify the efforts to conclude deals at that time.

It will not always be easy to propose this vision in a reality as. Particular and dramatic as a quarantine, which is why it. Is so important that we play the role of educators of our clients.

This will allow them to understand the business opportunities. From different points, making them feel more comfortable. To negotiate remotely, understanding how the product or service will affect their business.

While this requires more effort from the sales team, especially. When you have to take into account a situation like. The spread of the coronavirus and how it affects. Business, this is the best way to build customer buy-in.

Obviously, not everyone will be interested in buying right away, but this strategy direction is the most recommended.

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