How to Use Broken Link Checker to Fix Broken Links in WordPress

Are you getting broken link reports on your WordPress website? If so, you need to act fast and a broken link checker can help. Broken links can seriously harm your website in many ways. Visitors who encounter these errors will no longer trust the website, while first-time visitors will not return.

What could be worse than losing the trust of your visitors and losing new visitors?

How about ruining your SEO?

SEO determines South Korea B2B List the web traffic you will receive from search engines like Google and Bing. The severity of the effect on SEO depends on the types of links that are not working. For example, the worst possible scenario is that the internal links don’t work. Search engines want all your links to work and so do you.

Today I am going to show you how to use broken link checker to fix broken links in WordPress.

How to know if a link is Broken

If a link is broken, a visitor will see a “404 page not found” error message. The 404 error message is one of the many common WordPress errors you will encounter. It is quite possible for this error message to appear even if there is no broken link, but if there is only one link which is giving the error message, then the link is broken.

Broken links are extremely common when moving from one website to another when changing web hosts.

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It is also very common for older websites to experience this issue as well. As websites age, older content will start showing broken links, if not properly maintained. WordPress core files change very often and there are weekly plugin updates.

These can lead to broken links. Have no fear, broken links are normal and fairly easy to fix.

Why Broken Links Affect SEO

You may be confused as to why broken links affect SEO if they are so common. The answer is quite simple. When your website is crawled by search engine robots, these robots check all your links, internal or external, and when they come across broken links. When this happens, it will usually prevent that page from being indexed by the search engine.

Now the good news is that search engines don’t scan your website every minute or even every day. Fortunately, this gives you time to fix broken links before a search engine finds them.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that a few broken links won’t hurt your website’s rankings. These search engines understand that it is inevitable that you will encounter this error. Usually this only affects rankings when there are a lot of them or if they are not fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

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