How to Use Navigation Image Icons for Menus in WordPress

Looking to add navigation image icons to your WordPress menus? In fact, these little graphics are useful to visitors and give your site a slight visual appeal to many. Icons are often universal and make it easier to identify certain functions or features.

Think about it, what image comes to mind when you think of the “save” button? Many people would imagine the old floppy disk, Vatican City B2B List hard drive, or other common storage device.

In fact, there is evidence to support how logos and icons are more recognizable than actual text. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add custom menu icons in WordPress. It’s something extra that only strengthens a person to click exactly what they are looking for.

Using the Menu Image Plugin

One of the best menu icon plugins for WordPress is “Menu Image”. This tool simply adds a new feature to menu items that allows you to use a graphic alongside text.

Although this plugin has not been updated for a while, I still verified that it works for WordPress 4.9. Install and activate the “Image Menu” plugin. You can find it by easily adding the keyword “menu image” in the WordPress text field.

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This will bring up the Media folder in WordPress. Essentially, you can use any image you already have stored on your website. For this tutorial, I will upload a new image of a house to represent the “house”.You can upload new images to WordPress for menu items if you want.

A good practice is to use PNG image file types. For this purpose, they are superior to JPEGs. For one, the backgrounds of PNG files are transparent as opposed to the white field you would see in a JPEG.

Add Menu Icons With Css

Another method to add images to the WordPress menu bar is to use CSS coding. With a few simple lines, you can tell your theme to search for the image and display it in the navigation menu. In the Menu area, click on the “Screen options” tab at the top right.

Adding a custom menu icon in WordPress is quite simple. The only thing you would have to worry about now is making sure the menu bar is responsive for mobile devices. Regardless of what you want to add, changing the navigation menu is a start to giving visitors a way to manage your site.

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