How to Use the Rss Feed in Other Tools?

Two decades have passed since the creation of the rss feed. And what we have witnessed during that time was an unprecedented. Digital transformation, which radically changed the consumption of content and the communication of companies.

Digital marketing has become a major global sensation. And its strategies have been widely used by the market.

Social networks flourished, especially on facebook , the great change. Of the model, smartphones arrived, high-speed mobile internet. And a lot of changes that directly affected consumer behavior .

Some think that rss has been run over by these new features, but. The truth is that it has simply been transformed, as it has been. With several other technologies.

RSS feeds in push notifications

Push notifications can be considered an “Evolution” of the old rss feeds. Since their function is basically the same: to inform the public. About what’s new on your website .

However, pushes are messages sent to mobile applications or. Browsers that, in addition to reporting updates to a blog, for example. Can also be used as an interaction resource.

However, there is a possibility that the Founder Email Lists two tools could be used in an integrated manner.

By embedding your rss in a push system, a notification will. Automatically be sent to registered users whenever new. Information is added to your feed.

RSS feeds in email marketing

Founder Email Lists

Marketing automation is essential to optimize the communication process. Of companies, and one of the simplest and most traditional. Ways to do it is to integrate your rss feed with your email marketing tool.

It is possible, for example, to program the automatic activation. Of a personalized message every time a new rss feed is added. That is, every time a new publication is published on your website or blog.

Firing and configuration options vary depending on the tool and. The subscription plan purchased, but regardless of its use, the fact. Is that this is an extremely useful solution to keep your users attentive to what your company is saying?

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