How to Use WordPress with Facebook’s Open Graph Metadata

Sharing content on social media is a common method of attracting attention to a website. By simply hitting publish in WordPress, Bulgaria WhatsApp Number your social profiles get an instant content boost. But what happens when Facebook doesn’t get the right information?

In some cases, Facebook does not retrieve the correct thumbnail image during automatic updates when an article is published. This can be problematic if the featured image is relevant to the text.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you three easy ways to use Facebook Open Graph metadata in WordPress. This will ensure that the popular social media hub collects the correct information when you create a new post on your website.

What is Facebook Open Graph Metadata?

The Open Graph protocol connects website content to Facebook by creating “graph” objects. This gives the developer the means to customize certain aspects of content as it is shared from systems like WordPress. Essentially, the Facebook Open Graph protocol extracts metadata from the post for display on its own system. One of the easiest to use WordPress social sharing optimization options for Open Graph is Yoast SEO. This is an exceptionally useful tool as it helps create optimized content, sitemaps and more. 

Using the Official Facebook Plugin

Facebook had its own “official” plugin at one point. As of this article, it has not been updated since 2013. Although some older plugins work with WordPress today, this is not one of them. The official Facebook plugin for WordPress.

Upon activation, the plugin crashed the entire website to the point where I couldn’t access the admin panel or even view posts and pages. When this happens, you need to deactivate the plugin manually.

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In this case, I simply went to file manager and deleted the folder for Facebook from the website’s plugins directory. WordPress did the rest by removing it from the list of plugins when it couldn’t detect Facebook’s folder.

This happens when a plugin does not use current programming methods for the most recent version of WordPress. This system has undergone many changes since 2013, and this plugin apparently does not adhere to these changes. The end result is a site that is completely broken. The internet has many social media marketing tools to introduce your site to many potential visitors. Not only do they help drive traffic, but they boost your brand awareness as well as that of the site. Automate the process by giving WordPress the ability to share posts to Facebook with thumbnails intact.

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