How to View a WordPress Theme’s Post Metadata

Post metadata is the displayed information associated with certain content. For example, you will see an article’s published El Salvador WhatsApp Number date and author name on many WordPress websites. This information can be used to improve the user experience while increasing the number of page views through search criteria.

The specific theme you use in WordPress will govern this process. It will control where metadata is displayed and what content is added. However, you can edit the WordPress theme metadata to show more than what is currently available.

In this tutorial, I’ll go over a few ways to edit a WordPress theme’s post metadata. It is a way to improve the appearance of a website for both readers and search engines.

What Do You Want to Know

Due to the nature of themes, it’s hard to show you exactly what you’ll need to change. Indeed, each developer is different and will use their own styles.

Keep in mind that what I show you here may be slightly different from what you’ll see in your theme.

Also, it will require a bit of PHP development knowledge. While some tweaks are easily copy-and-paste additions, you might want to learn a bit of PHP before making more complex changes.

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One of my favorite sites to learn website development is W3 Schools. It is free to use and provides an excellent user experience even for novice developers.

Using Your Theme Customizer

Some themes provide the ability to make changes to an article’s metadata. There may be direct options to make changes or a “Custom CSS” box where you can put your own CSS coding. To use it correctly, you need to know CSS coding.

When you want to make changes to a theme’s code, it’s always best to use a child theme instead. Child themes have all the benefits of their parents except that they are not overwritten during an update.

Any file placed in the child theme replaces the parent file. This means that you don’t need a full copy of the theme you want to modify, just a single file. In this case, we will edit the “single.php” file. This is what most themes will use when displaying an article to a visitor.

Remember that not all themes are created equal. Although the single.php file is quite common, some developers may use a different name. You’ll need to make sure you’re editing the correct file for this to work.

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