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You can send them out through email, or have them pop-up after a user makes a purchase.

Possible questions include:

What made you decide to purchase with us?
Which product did you purchase?
How did you find us?
Have you tried any other products before?
How big of a household are you purchasing for?
Consider which questions users will be most likely to answer, and what’s most useful for qualifying audience segments.


Social listening can be invaluable when it comes to gaining insight into your customer segments. Reading reviews published online (including on your site and third-party review sites) can also be invaluable.

Sometimes people won’t say things to you, but they’ll say it about you.

Here’s an example of two reviews from Branch’s own website.

This first review mentions a back injury that causes a great deal of pain in low-quality office chairs, and the user was able to find relief with Branch.

This one provides plenty of customer segment Sri Lanka Phone Number information. You’ve got a single woman who mentions the affordability/quality benefits twice, but who also mentions she wanted a chair that looks great and had good support.

This can help you understand why different users purchased, what they were looking for, and why other customers might choose to purchase in the future.

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There are plenty of digital analytics tools that can help you learn more about who your audience is.

Google’s Universal Analytics has some basic audience segmentation data that can give you a basic idea of what audience segments or traits are visiting your site.

Social media tools all have their own free native analytics for Business Pages (like Facebook Insights), which can also give you a ton of insight into who is following you and interacting with you on social media.

These are a good place to start for free tools. There are also a variety of high-cost customer analytics tools that can help you learn more about different audience segments; a quick Google search can get you started there.

Final Thoughts
Behavioral segmentation should be a cornerstone of your marketing plans, especially since we have so much trackable data today that can help us determine which customers need to receive what messaging.

With the right strategies in place, this can take your campaigns— and your ROAS— to the next level.
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