I Know What I’m Talking About

You have to think positively about yourself and the future and your chances ‘and everything will be fine’. And yes, they quickly say: you have to do something, of course. And you know, that’s just not true. Life is not that malleable. Let me say it very clearly Greece Phone Number once, just factually how it is, then you can believe what you want to believe: there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that a positive thought does anything in the physical world. The whole story of the Law Of Attraction with vibrations and energy does not hold up in the world of good research. In Greece Phone Number other words, it’s just bullshit. Are there people who became mighty successful after they started to think very positively? Yes! Of course! Are there people who hit a tree with their Fiat Punto at 80 kilometers per hour after they thought very positively.

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Yes! Also. Is it normal to get grumpy when faced with adversity? Is it very normal to think very positively after you have had success? Instead of the other way around? Unbearable Responsibility My big problem with this “you have to have a Greece Phone Number positive mindset” bullshit is that it gives people an unbearable responsibility. There are a lot of pretty desperate people walking around. Life sometimes drives us crazy. And somehow I think Greece Phone Number especially about young women in their 30s who are exhausted from all the expectations they have of themselves and life. And those sweethearts then go on to think very positively, with their teeth clenched and they’re hoarse from saying affirmations.


Is Where The Magic Happens

Affirmations: Saying positive sentences. ‘I’m a nice person even though no one except my mother and that one ex has given my blog alike.’ Affirmations, as Oliver Burkeman puts it in the book Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Greece Phone Number Thinking: “the energetic, complacent encouragement that could lift your mood by constantly repeating how good you are.” That same book cites a study by Joanne Wood that shows that Greece Phone Number those self-affirmations don’t work very well at all: google Joanne Wood and ‘affirmations’. I know it. Don’t think negatively all day long. And we all do it too: ‘No! I shouldn’t think like that!’ But it’s exhausting to be so busy with all those thoughts.

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