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Linkedin ads comes from IBM. IBM’s ad is simple but catches the viewer’s attention. IBM ad promoting their services This video ad shows the same graphic playing repeatedly in a loop with a short message included with the ad. Most notable element of this linkedin ad example: Continuity One of the most notable elements of this linkedin ad is continuity. The video immediately catches your attention when scrolling through your feed. But the continuity is what keeps you watching.

The Video Is Only Eight Seconds Long.

But the flow makes it seem as though it’s an endless video. It keeps prospects engaged with the ad longer. Which leads to better results. When you create your Ghana Phone Numbers ads. Consider how you can make your ad visual more engaging. Try different types of visuals to see how you can boost engagement with your ads. 4. Chevron Next on my list of the best linkedin ads is Chevron. Chevron’s ad promotes their work in trying to create more renewable natural gas using cow manure.

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Chevron Linkedin Ad

Advertising their new gas initiative This ad uses the carousel format to get their message across to their audience. Most notable element of this linkedin ad example: Information When looking at Chevron’s ad. The most notable aspect is how informative the ad is. Not only is there descriptive ad text. But each image provides information about their initiative. It helps the viewer get a clear sense of what they’re sharing. When you create your linkedin ads.

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