In What Types of Situations is Cybersquatting Done?

There are many methods used to apply cybersquatting. Here is a list:

Addition: it is about adding a character at the end of the domain name.
Substitution: consists of substituting a single character of the domain name.
Homographic: unlike the previous one, the character that is replaced has a similar shape. Different literacies are generally used.
Hyphenation – a hyphen is added as part of the domain name.
Insertion : the character that is added is positioned between the first and the last of the domain.
Skip – a character is skipped when typing the domain.
Subdomain – the original domain name is registered and characters are added to it.
Transposition : consists in changing the order of the characters.
Others : an example could be adding “www” at the beginning or “com” right at the end.

How to minimize the risk of suffering Cybersquatting?

Any user of the web is exposed to the risks of suffering cybersquatting.

In this sense, experts consider that there is no complete way to avoid this type of attack. Although it is possible to limit the possibilities.

Here is a series of recommendations:

Verify that you are typing the url you want to CFO Email List go to correctly. Especially when it comes to websites where you have to enter personal data. It should even be verified before entering to avoid the action of a potential virus.
Check your operating systems . Remember that maintenance is essential for optimal safety.
Do not open emails of dubious origin or open the links it shows. Well, a common hacking tactic is to send emails. Simulating the identity of a brand or company with fraudulent urls.
Use security software. Thanks to its immediacy you can recognize a fraudulent website instantly.

What to do in a case of cybersquatting?

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The good news is that there are various laws that penalize this type of activity. In fact, they are considered the best alternatives in a case of cybersquatting.

One of them is the trademark law. After that, Which prohibits the use of a domain similar to that of a registered trademark.

On the other hand, there is the unfair competition law. After that, In this case, any act that may cause confusion in customers is penalized.

This could vary depending on the country where you are located.

If the judicial route is not an option, then it is recommended to go. To the icann (internet corporation for assigned names and numbers).

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