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From Facebook, the five steps that Malaysia Phone Number they see as key to guaranteeing the return of Christmas are: use the mobile phone as the main window display in stores; discover the agenda of gifts or gifting; have a purpose that connects with the consumer; promoting mega-sales Malaysia Phone Number days such as Single Day and not forgetting niche audiences such as the elderly. For his part, Troncoso comment that “e-commerce sales values ​​remain well above pre-covid sales values, so it is a trend that is here to stay. We see Malaysia Phone Number that the user wants to consume and the sectors most affect during the pandemic are the ones that are now going to benefit the most .

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In addition, it should be not that 70% of the Malaysia Phone Number traffic. We have on the web is via mobile, so we have work to improve this experience”. After Facebook and MediaMarkt we listen to Coro Saldaña , Senior Fashion Advisor. The speaker has talk about a trend that is Malaysia Phone Number closely relat to shopstreaming. “Due to the evolution of customer buying trends, brands have had to redesign the way they interact with Malaysia Phone Number them. In this context , shopstreaming is consolidat, that is, the new generations look for credits of their favorite characters in their online purchases, turning streamers into new influencers.

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In this way, livestreaming commerce is Malaysia Phone Number being postulat. As a new online shopping format, since conversion percentages that exceed 35% can be obtained”. For his part, Pablo Monge , Head of Marketing and Digital Sales Studio EMEA at Globan, pointed out in his Malaysia Phone Number speech that “marketing is transforming faster and faster and brands try to make customer experiences as connected as possible, for what for this we rely on the MAdTech . Companies have new needs such as achieving greater technological. Specialization and achieving a greater impact to increase digital sales with their campaigns. Since they can be measured better and better.”

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