Indonesia serve as the rotating chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations next year

Indonesia serve as the rotating chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations next year. And will be responsible for coordinating major regional and international issues among member countries.

These include the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. members have very different positions. war the United States. And Western allies sanction Russia for supporting Ukraine. while China and India are reluctant to condemn Russia not participate in sanctions. And import Russian energy on a large scale. the United States and Western countries do not Putin is expected. To attend a summit in Indonesia in November, while China has objected.

China has long stated support

Indonesia in hosting the summit. emphasizing that South Africa Phone Number the G20 should focus on economic issues. and should politicized. All members have equal status.

Therefore, how to mediate different positions. Avoid confrontation between China and the United States. And how to coordinate ASEAN member states to avoid choosing sides.and maintaining unity. Thorny issues that Indonesia face in the near future.

Other important regional issues include sovereign disputes in the South China Sea competition between China and the United States in Asia.

The Jakarta Post, reporting on President Jokowi’s trip to Asia. wrote Like other countries in Southeast Asia, India and Asia located at the center of the Indo-Pacific region. China and the United States competing for influence.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Xi Jinping is expected to present. The Australia-UK-US security agreement when he meets Jokowi. intensifying activities against this deal involving nuclear submarines.

What are the concerns of international public opinion

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s upcoming visit to China is closely followed by international media. especially media from Asia-Pacific countries.

The Australian newspaper reported that Jokowi went to dine together with Xi Jinping. Becoming the first democratic leader to meet a Chinese leader. Since the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Indonesia awkward position over how to keep nations united. Western nations have threatened to boycott Putin group if he attends the summit. the report said. As a non-aligned country, Indonesia withstood the pressure. but as a compromise, chose to invite Ukrainian President Volodymy  Zelensky  guest to the summit.

First post-pandemic Indonesian President Joko Widodo visits Beijing next week to meet with Xi, Li Keqiang Indonesia takes over the rotating presidency of ASEAN. And Timor-Leste asks to become a full member from the observer country.

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