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Therefore, compare the authority of your page with the competing pages in the search results. Perhaps your page has a lower authority than the ‘competition’. I deliberately say ‘probably’ here. The authority of your page or website does not Bahrain Phone Number determine a better position, but it does have a major influence. Analyze the internal links To improve the authority of the page in question, you can first look at the internal backlinks of this page: Are Bahrain Phone Number there already several links to the page within the website? What is the authority of these pages? Does this way give the page enough authority from the website itself? If not? Then I advise you to see if you can manually create some internal links to the relevant page.

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For example an in-text link from a relevant paragraph on another page or a link in the menu of the website. View the external links In addition, it is good to look outside. For example, a quick method is to see which backlinks the competing web pages Bahrain Phone Number have in the search results. Then you filter interesting websites that you could also approach for a backlink. In particular, look for relevant and viable opportunities in the form of websites that you could potentially get a backlink from. For this you could look for directories or company overviews where it is relatively easy to place a link to your website. But be careful with this. Many pages with a large collection of links hardly contribute to your authority and can sometimes even have a negative influence. It is better to look for websites with good and relevant content.


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By relevant I don’t just mean websites that are in the exact same industry or about the same subject, but especially websites that have a common ground with your website. Try to find a bracket for an article you can write and approach these websites with your idea. Then ask them if you can write an article for that website and if it also includes a link to your page. Not an easy job, but a process that in the longer term can have a positive influence on the authority of that page and ultimately also your website. It’s no news that video is popular on social media. By using video as a content form, you get a lot of reaches and increase your brand awareness.

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