Is “music copyright” still a good business in the post-copyright era?

However, whether it is online music playback, digital single/album sales, music peripheral products, fan economy driven by the O2O model, and concerts, concerts, music variety shows, and even music-related social entertainment products, such as: national karaoke, singing Wait, on the road to the realization of music business, the main core of its profit lies in music copyright. Simply understand that this is actually a “copyright business” .

01 Music Copyright

Generally speaking, music copyright includes the copyright of lyrics and music, the right of performers, and the copyright of sound recordings.

  • Copyright of lyrics and music: who wrote the lyrics and who composed the song
  • Performer rights: who is the singer of the song and who will sing it
  • Recording copyright: Who paid the money to make this song, including arrangement, recording, mixing, etc., commonly known as mastering


That is to say, if there is a song written, composed, arranged, recorded, sung and later staged by you/company, then all the rights to the song belong to you/company. Anyone who wants to use your song as background music in a video must get permission from you/company. If it is for commercial purposes, then the relevant royalties or licensing fees must be paid.


Music copyright is complex, and there are many links involved in song production and production, so there are many related rights holders. According to the classification of ownership, there will be many authors. There are overlaps Albania Phone Number and differences between rights holders.

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Diversified music application scenarios, broadening the revenue generation path of digital music

With the advent of the digital age, music has been applied to the diverse scenes of our lives and played an important role, such as. Online music; film and television/game OST and soundtracks for short videosm. Live broadcasts, advertising marketing and other scenes; music marketing, amplification. Brand cooperation, IP communication. As well as various music variety shows, offline music activities and other music content are essential. In addition, public music is also an important scene of commercial music. Which has huge market prospects, whether it is coffee shops, Supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants. Parks, playgrounds, gymnasiums, and any scene you can think of has music flowing. At this time, BGM, as a value-added service and emotional connection, can subtly affect user consumption;



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