It Stimulates The Appetite

Someone who is measuring the video performance. Website video performance: the whole picture Just like with your social videos, you can measure and evaluate the performance of videos on your website. Different types of results are important here: Instant results If you embed a video via YouTube or Vimeo, you can view the immediate results by Mexico Phone Number logging into these platforms. Then you can think of: Number of viewers Viewing time Number of ‘seek’ moments (‘search’ through the video) Aantal fullscreen-views These are all metrics that come directly from the viewers Stimulates The Appetite interaction with the video. These are absolutely Mexico Phone Number relevant and important, but at least as important are the indirect results (from watching the video.

Excitement And Emotion

That means you have to look at the broader context. The actions and behavior of the viewer after seeing the video. There are two reasons for this: 1. Direct results are not enough because website videos have a supporting function. That is why it Mexico Phone Number is especially important to know what a visitor does after watching. With this information, you can determine how much engagement the video has generated from the viewer and thereby contributed (directly or indirectly) to the goals of your Page. For example, the following questions are interesting: How many people request a quote or demo after watching the video? How many pages on your website does the viewer visit after watching the video.


Stimulates The Appetite

Which pages does the viewer visit after watching the video? These numbers, compared to the same data regarding non-viewers, tell you Mexico Phone Number something about. The specific contribution of the video. 2. Instant viewing results can actually show a different picture when these results are compared to the general statistics of your page. So you can get excited if your website video has scored 2,000 views per month according to YouTube. But if this video is on a page that has received 100,000 visitors, it can be disappointing. Or at least require further analysis. Since video on your website is part of your entire content strategy, you need to see video metrics in context with overall page metrics to appreciate them.

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