It Is Therefore Important To Compare

This resulted in a number of interesting insights that we are happy to share below. The visitor at the center Within commerce it has been clear for some time. A potential customer who does not find what he is looking for quickly will look for a Cayman Islands Phone Number alternative provider in no time. That is of course not the case with the municipality. You do not look for an alternative municipality, because you cannot find the information you want at your own municipality. Nevertheless, municipalities also generally see the benefit of putting the resident first. This is apparent, for example, from the publications ‘The resident at the center’ and ‘The resident at the center when working on quality and outcome.

Therefore Important To Compare

Effective content for municipalities: 4 tips for reaching residents with social media. If you continue digitally along the line to focus on residents, this not only has advantages for residents or website visitors, but also for a municipality. Satisfied residents are Cayman Islands Phone Number good ambassadors for city marketing. The user tests If the visitor is central to a site, the first question is what he will do there. The municipality of Overbetuwe has mapped out top tasks for this. Topics such as permits, waste, passports and driver’s licenses fall under these top tasks. These must be easy to implement for every resident. Based on these tasks, analytical data and various conversations, we have drawn up a script for the user tests.


Important To Compare

The task for the test subjects is to be the first to find out whether you, as residents, had to pay per emptying for the 140-litre GFT container. A Cayman Islands Phone Number evening appointment must then be made to renew a passport. Also read: When do you opt for online when reaching & involving residents. Most of the tests used to screen and audio recordings. But an eye tracker was also used in some. This is to see whether or not non-verbally. Confirms what is said during the test. Looking for the costs The test persons are positive about the homepage.

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