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This functionality, presented last Hong Kong Phone Number February with. The ultimate goal of imbuing the spirit of Patreon into the blue bird’s social network. Will allow users with a greater number of “followers” to earn extra income with their tweets. The details about this new batch Hong Kong Phone Number function were unknown until recently , but we now know better what the “Super Follow” service that Twitter will soon be pulling out of its sleeve could be like. According to technology blogger Jane Manchum Wong, users with at least 10,000 “followers”.

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Who have published a minimum of 25 tweets in the last 30 days and who have more than of 18 years. The last two requirements to access the “Super Follow” program are affordable for most Twitter users, but the Hong Kong Phone Number fact that you have to have more than 10,000 followers to enjoy this functionality is an absolute trivial obstacle , especially if We benchmark Hong Kong Phone Number Patreon, where anyone can create an account for free and start earning money from it. “Super Follow” will predictably cost 4.99 euros per month It seems, on the other hand, that users attached to the “Super Follow”.

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Program will enjoy a little more freedom Hong Kong Phone Number than the rest of mortals. When it comes to providing their followers with adult content. Although Twitter does not expressly prohibit Hong Kong Phone Number pornography (unless it takes the form of live video). “Super Follow” will predictably make it easier to find adult content. On this social network Hong Kong Phone Number through the tag “Adult content” and also. The beneficiaries of this functionality will be able to include. A link to their OnlyFans account in their Twitter profile.

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