Leads to Call Conversion Only Targeting Campaign Here Are

Tips for you when working with Belgium WhatsApp Number List google ads. Check google call tracking performance. In our case it didn’t work well. So we used 3d call trackinguse click fraud protection. Prioritizes ads that lead to a website over call-only ads. This is why you need to run traditional search ads on the landing page to increase your volumes. Always check your search phrases report .And add negative keywords. You should absolutely exclude insurance company brands because these .Keywords generate a lot of service calls, which are not paid. You can get our list of negative keywords, just ask your personal market call manager. Be careful when working with placements on the. Google display network. Start with a small budget. Check traffic sources and. Exclude those that generate fake clicks and bot clicks.

Scale Your Campaign Don’t Forget to

Facebook ads in facebook ads. We Belgium WhatsApp Number List campaigns with traffic and lead generation goals . We only used facebook feeds and story placements . As for targeting methods, we used interest-.Based targeting, retargeting, and lookalike campaign on the traffic we already collected on our landing page from google ads. Here are some useful things we discovered. 1. Video ads have x2 higher ctr than image ads ads with video showed a ctr (≈ 2.2%), while ads with a static image showed (≈ 1%). Facebook pay per call ad 2. Lead generation campaigns performed better than traffic  contact form.

Use Click Fraud Protection With Good Targeting

Belgium WhatsApp Number List

Contact form campaigns with a lead generation objective, when collected on facebook’s instant view page, were more effective and brought in more leads than the lander traffic campaign. 3. Story placement performed poorly despite original creativesfacebook and instagram stories we created Belgium WhatsApp Number List simple and bright creatives for facebook and instagram stories that led to our landing page. Belgium WhatsApp Number List Despite using the same targeting as facebook feed placement, we saw a negative roi and stopped the campaign. Conclusion health insurance is a great niche for call marketing. Our tests have shown that there is enough traffic for this. Offer in both google ads and facebook ads. In conclusion, let us give you some key tips for working with this.

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