Learn About These 12 Tools and How They Will Help You Optimize Images for the Web

We cannot neglect the optimization of the images that we will. Use in our wordpress blog. In addition to improving the user experience. This practice increases the efficiency of seo strategies. In this article, we’ve rounded up 12 extremely simple. Ways to optimize images for the web.

The production of material for blogs is one of the practices most used by companies that invest in Content Marketing . It is a great channel to diversify the type of publications, integrating texts with videos, gifs, images, among other possibilities.

Visual content is essential for the visitor experience and therefore image optimization in WordPress directly influences the efficiency of the strategy.

Ignoring this step is detrimental to SEO as it can delay page loading , make it difficult to view content, and consequently affect search engine rankings .

So that you do not have to face this kind of problem, we produced this article with 12 essential plugins to optimize images for WordPress web.

12 tools to optimize images for the web

1.Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify is widely recognized for its interface, considered aesthetically attractive and extremely intuitive to use . On the home page, we have access to everything the tool has to offer, which makes the experience simple and efficient .

The main function of the plugin is the VP Administration Email Lists compression of images while maintaining their quality. To do this, you should use the compression level indicated as normal. There are two other levels: aggressive and ultra .

Because they are more powerful, these levels minimally alter the quality of the visual content , but on the other hand drastically decrease its size.

The plugin also has an interesting option: all images submitted to the library are automatically optimized, which makes the process much more efficient.

The price is calculated based on the size of the files you are going to compress. There are monthly plans with a minimum value of USD 5 for 1 GB and a maximum of USD 69.99 for 50 GB of data per month.

2. Optimole

VP Administration Email Lists

Optimole is a plugin to optimize images for web that works 100%. In the cloud , which means that it does not overload your server. After that, Its operation is largely automatic. Simply create your account, upload. After that, The images you want to optimize, and the plugin will do the rest of the work.

Customization is of course also possible. After optimole performs the automatic optimization. You get access to the images in the control panel. Where you can modify the size, quality and other characteristics of the file.

The tool offers the possibility to track and monitor the images, providing. Similarly, Detailed information about the optimization process and. Similarly, The amount of space that is saved.

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