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And what exactly do we need from each other? Use the customer journey that you have set up (if all is well). Which touchpoints are defined in that customer journey, and are we sufficiently responding to this? Also actively include sales: traditionally you see that sales and marketing are Egypt Phone Number often still far from each other and each doing their own thing. A shame, because you can learn a lot from each other! So involve sales from Egypt Phone Number day 1 in the process. Use what they already know about customers and leads in the campaigns and organic content you want to develop. In addition, listen to what sales need. For example, is it useful for them to have an informative white paper to use in conversations.

Communication Coming From

Or do they need an introductory campaign page where the target group is already warmed up, so that they can then call this group? Tip: make it Egypt Phone Number an original brainstorm, and let the different disciplines do an elevator pitch of a campaign that they envision! This way you not only ensure that every team contributes directly, but you also create creative input for a discussion. And the best part: it’s fun to do too! To work Have you roughly Egypt Phone Number defined the most important campaigns? Then it’s time to get started. Make one person responsible for working out the campaign calendar, and meet again with the team to go through the calendar. Scrape up where necessary, and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Each Other In Practice

You can then work out the workable calendar together with the content team. To make it easy for you, we’ve created a campaign calendar template that you can use right away. Curious? Download it here . (Click on ‘Download’ under ‘File’ to get your own copy and continue working with it, ed.) Stay sharp on results and collaboration Once the campaign calendar is ready and have you started? Don’t forget to monitor every so often! You may have come up with such a great strategic plan, but if you don’t regularly check whether you are still on the right track to the sales targets, there is a good chance that things will go wrong. There will not always be a SMART commercial goal associated with a campaign or activity. In fact, in many cases an activity will have branding as its goal.

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