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There are many advantages to using Coobis . For example, you can get other people to write for you, thus working as direct mail. From the point of view of a publisher, you can do what you like generating content for third parties and earn real income and withdraw your earnings at any time. 2.- TikTok Business Tik Tok Businesses The platform of Asian origin, whose original name is Douyin which means “shake the music” in Chinese, is a social network base on sharing small music clips. Outside of China we know it as TikTok, and you can find it available for both iOS and Android.

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TikTok, founde in 2016, allows you to create, edit and upload 1-minute musical selfies, applying various effects to them and adding a musical Turkey Phone Number List background. Also, it has some Artificial Intelligence features , and includes flashy special effects, filters, and augmente reality features, making it an ideal place to earn money from your followers. TikTok also has its Business division. This, thinking of potential advertisers and creatives looking to earn money with their followers.

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Its main premise is that you don’t need to go after them, since its algorithm allows you to reach users interest in your brand and willing to participate. Also, its interface prioritizes good quality content, making it easy to find, which BYB Directory leads to users spending a lot of time on the app. It offers its potential advertisers to reach massive audiences, in more than 150 markets and 75 languages. They say that their space to encourage expressiveness and authenticity, because it allows everyone to participate actively. But, in addition, it allows its contents to be share on all available social networks. 3.- Patreon Earn money with your followers: Patreon In essence, it is a crowdfunding system similar to the well-known Kickstarter. But the big difference is that.

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