Looking at Taiwanese Folk Customs in Four-Grid Comics

Zongzi is a traditional food in Taiwan, which can be roughly divided  During the Japanese Occupation Period, the “Taiwan Customs  Today’s japonica is no longer. Similar to traditional grains. It produces a more viscous and elastic appearance and taste.


If zongzi used to be divided into three schools: vegetable zongzi,

Japonica zongzi, and meat zongzi, now everyone is talking about the Dragon Boat Festival, which Portugal Phone Number is the “religious war” between the north and the south of the meat zongzi.  Collection Wiping  cleaning artifact before toilet paper was invented Before the invention of toilet paper. Most of the utensils for cleaning the buttocks after .

There is a saying in Taiwan that “the swearing chicken curse”, which means that when there is an unresolved dispute, the two parties will bring live chickens to the palace together, swear an oath in front of the gods. Give testimony, and state that if they lie, they will die in the future. Like the fate of this chicken, it will be decapitated and cut off its head at the same time. Beheading a chicken is a very serious swearing method. Usually used when the accused party strongly expresses his innocence.



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Since the cleaning method is not by wiping, but by digging,

Bamboo needs to be cut into slender thin sheets, and both ends of the head and tail must be ground into arcs to prevent scratches,  paper , straw paper is used as a wiping item. But it is expensive and limited to the wealthy and prominent class. While ordinary people still use bamboo chips or rounded  clean them.

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