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Marketing Advisory Lead for Spain & Interactive lead for Retail, Consumer Goods, Auto and Travel at Accenture Iran Phone Number Interactive, who explained the impact that changes in behavior have had of consumers due to the pandemic and how they will behave in a post-pandemic world. «The effects of e-commerce are going to vary a lot depending on the sector in which Iran Phone Number we find ourselves. Businesses have resized and have learned to meet this increasingly important demand“, he explained. Likewise, he Iran Phone Number recalled that the vast majority of consumers say they will continue to use digital commerce, so e-commerce is here to stay.

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“The key is not to compare online Iran Phone Number vs offline. But to know how to combine both.” Undoubtedly, e-commerce is an opportunity to create emotional, lasting, purpose-based hyperconnections. With the final consumer that must be taken advantage of. “To do this, we must define new ways of segmenting customers, seeing what matters to them and reviewing the value proposition based on the purpose of the brand,” said José Ramón Alonso. Marisa Manzano , Director of Retail and Fashion at Facebook, explained how Facebook has Iran Phone Number helped brands to be relevant and consumers to be able to find what is really useful to them in that infinity of options.

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We have all changed the way we live and Iran Phone Number at the epicenter. Of all these changes is the technology that has allowed us to adopt these uses and that. If we take advantage of it will open a very interesting. Stage for digital marketing, a true golden age” . Manzano also spoke about Iran Phone Number Facebook’s Discovery Commerce . The wishes of consumers, so that it is the product that the customer is looking for. We see a complete opportunity in creating that demand Iran Phone Number and we want to finally make shopping. Through our platforms more seamless and improve the experience.”

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