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Now I can’t even say ‘see you later’ to a Fleming without first having to break my head about it! phew… Lesson 5. Flemish people use the word they hate the most every day Since I started working for Belgian (mainly Flemish) clients a few Canada Phone Number years ago, I notice every day — another word that I occasionally come across in Flanders and almost never in the Netherlands — the fascinating, fun and sometimes funny language nuances. Christiaan W. Lustig mentions the word ‘daily’ in this response. I hear this word almost daily here Canada Phone Number in Belgium. This is remarkable, because apparently many Flemish people have a considerable aversion to the word ‘daily’. Just google the ugliest word every day and you will get a long list of ugliest word elections in which ‘daily’ emerged as one of the winners.

Coffee First Wonderful

So, Flemings, can we finally stop using that word? thanks. Lesson 6. Dirty words aren’t dirty everywhere Marga van der Tol shared a Canada Phone Number personal anecdote with us: When I was young, we had a caravan in Belgium, in Turnhout to be precise. The first thing that struck me was how many meanings are given to the word “tucker” in Flanders. We in Canada Phone Number the Netherlands find a wanker something dirty, but in Flanders you can flush the toilet with it, wipe the floor with it, and it has many more meanings. Well, Marga, what sounds dirty to a Dutchman can be perfectly normal to a Fleming.


The Burgundian Belgians

But I can also give an example the other way around. When I tell a Fleming that his dog is allowed to poop in the park, he thinks I want to Canada Phone Number encourage his poodle to have sex! Lesson 7. Prepare for disappointment when applying for a job in Belgium As a result of my previous article, I received an email from a language fanatic named Eric Canada Phone Number with some surprising language differences. One of the words he mentioned was ‘withheld’. Eric writes: “Withhold” means the opposite in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Flemish meaning of this word is very strange

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