Makes An App Has The Goal Earning Directly

The digital management and distribution of information, therefore, provides you with a major efficiency boost. 3. Timing of Education Patients often do not receive the right information at the right time. As a result of which this information does Lebanon Phone Number not or hardly stick. The risk here is that the patient will miss information that is so important to him (for example, instructions to prepare for an examination or treatment). This information is often hidden among other (general) information.

App Has The Goal Earning Directly

Then think carefully about the revenue model. In this article I share several options. Free or paid app? The first choice you have to make is whether your app can be downloaded for free or for a price. About 92% of the apps in the App Store are free to download. In the Play Store that is even more than 96%. Most of the apps that yield the most are free to download. There is even only one paid game in the top 50 highest-earning iPhone games . Advantage of a paid app The advantage of a paid app is that you earn directly from every download.


Goal Earning Directly

CMS as a central source When digitizing all patient information, we therefore want one central source that, as a single source of truth, forms the basis for all online and offline expressions. The content management system (CMS) is the appropriate application to serve as this central source. While the CMS is logically the tool for the content of a website, most professional CMSs (eg Drupal, WordPress, Sitecore, Episerver, Umbraco) are very suitable to serve as a power source for other channels. Depending on the size of your healthcare organization, you can opt for a lightweight or extensive CMS.

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