In 2010 Mandy Jolly Launched Shine France Phone Number

The children of women who had experienced domestic violence. As a hairdresser, mandy knew that salons. Provided a safe space for women to talk and connect. With each other. As a supporter at a local. Women’s shelter, she also knew that safe spaces were a missing element in the lives of the children who’d. Come from homes affected by domestic abuse. Making a connection between the salon and a safe. Space for girls and young women, mandy launched a pilot. School engagement program. Two girls and one woman gardening illustration by orange crush. Twelve years later, shine has evolved. From its hair and beauty salon focus.

It’s Now a Holistic Program That Supports Its

Vulnerable young participants, by helping them find a sense of belonging and place in the world. With mandy moving on and ceo rebecca millar now at the helm, 2022 looks to be a year of change and growth. We spoke with rebecca about France Phone Number shine’s transformation, how their colorful new rebrand represents their. Vision, and how it all began with a logo. Same same, but different—although shine has evolved over the. Past twelve years, their core values and impact on young people remain the same—to support, educate. And empower girls with the skills to thrive. Many of the girls who come into the program “have really. Significant barriers in their lives.

These Girls Are Survivors We Sometimes Expect

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That once children put their uniform on and head to school, they’ll automatically be in the right headspace. To learn. But if there’s been trauma involved, it can be very hard to do that.” group of girls together with. Someone reading with them at the heart of shine, is their approach to talking about relationships, confidence and self-esteem. “the children we work with don’t always have healthy relationships modeled. For them at home or in society. And although our organization has evolved away from the salon, what has. Stayed consistent is our commitment to teaching each girl how to build healthy relationships—whether. That’s a friendship with another girl, a romantic relationship, a relationship with their parents or siblings, and with the world.

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